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Ahuja Amplifier in Bangladesh:

Ahuja Amplifiers in Bangladesh

The comprehensive and vast product range makes Ahuja the preferred option for sound reinforcement solutions in diverse applications. Uncompromising quality along with affordability, ensures Ahuja is an insuperable proposition for a wide variety of public address applications. Ahuja SSA-10000 is highly reliable 1000 watts PA Amplifier. This is designed to give high power clean sound and trouble free operation under extreme climatic conditions. Ahuja Amplifiers in Bangladesh has 8 Mic & 4 Aux Inputs. Aux-4 input is through RCA socket specially for connecting CD/DVD player. Preamplifier and Line Output for connecting to a Booster Amplifier and for recording the programme. Line Input for connecting the output from any external mixer or permitting SSA-10000 to be used as a Booster Power Amplifier. Ahuja Bangladesh. Facebook

Ahuja Microphone Price Bangladesh 2020

Ahuja Microphone Price Bangladesh 2022

Best Conference System in Bangladesh | Best Audio Conference System

Best Conference System in Bangladesh | Best Audio Conference System

Ahuja SCM-15T in Bangladesh
Ahuja Amplifier in Bangladesh

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