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  • Ahuja SSW-16M 16 Channel Zone Selector
    • Compact and reliable manual zone selector with provision for switching a 100V audio signal to one or more of upto 16 zones.
    • 1 x 100V Input, 16 x 100V Outputs, Manually Switchable.
    • When multiple units of SSW-16M are used, ALL CALL activation is possible from any one SSW-16M, by using LOOP THROUGH facility.
    • Built in relay for ALL CALL.
    • LED indication of selected zones.
    • Unique design, pleasing aesthetics & rugged construction.
    • Duplex communication technology, ideal for ticket counters, enquiry counters, banks, embassies, hospitals etc. …. Wherever two way communication is required across a glass barrier. (Can also be used for one way communication).
    • Compact & elegant Attendant Unit with gooseneck microphone, in black colour finish, for flexible sound pickup angle.
    • Separate switches for switching the Host Unit mic, or the External Unit mic, ON or OFF.
    • Separate volume controls on the Host Unit for adjusting the audio output level of the Host Unit and the External Unit.
    • Host Unit mic has automatic voice priority over the External Unit mic. When attendant is speaking into the Host Unit mic, the mic of the External unit is automatically muted.
    • Exclusively designed lightweight plastic external unit, which can be easily mounted on any flat surface. Double sided fixing pad provided.
    • External unit houses a condenser mic cartridge and an efficient speaker for clear and intelligible sound outside the glass barrier.
    • Audio output for recording available through 3.5mm phone jack on the Host Unit. This is a stereo output having signals from both the Host Unit mic and the External Unit mic.
    • A 3.5mm phone jack is provided on the rear panel of the Host Unit for Line Input. This feature can be used to play back pre-recorded messages through the external unit speaker by connecting the Pre-amp output or Line Output of any Ahuja amplifier to the Line Input of the Host Unit.
    • The system is easy to install and simple to operate.
    • The Host Unit is a table top unit which operates on 12V DC, through an AC adapter supplied alongwith.
  • Ahuja CCS-2300 Counter Communication System AC Operation
    • AHUJA introduces CCS-2300, a two-way counter communication system, exclusively designed for easy and effective conversation across counters with transparent security barriers. It consists of an attendant unit, a customer unit and a power supply unit, which are easy to install and simple to connect through dedicated cables as supplied with the system.
    • Unique design, pleasing aesthetics & rugged construction.
    • Two-way, hands-free communication.
    • Easy, hassle-free installation.
    • Compact & elegant table top attendant unit with 20” long gooseneck microphone for strain-free usage.
    • A 3.5mm jack socket is provided for connecting a headband microphone like Ahuja HBM-50. This is useable by the attendant as an alternate to the fixed gooseneck microphone.
    • Separate controls for adjusting the speech levels during Talk & Listen modes of operation.
    • Special Auto-Mute ON/OFF option provided through a toggle switch. In Auto-Mute ON condition, the customer’s microphone is partially muted if it is not used for 30 sec. approx. This facility prevents the attendant from being disturbed by unwanted outside noise.
    • The customer’s unit has an efficient speaker and a sensitive condenser cartridge, mounted in a beautifully designed housing.
    • Attendant’s microphone has voice priority over the customer’s microphone.
  • Ahuja WSL-2500R 40 WATTS PA Lectern System
    • Compact, versatile and easy-to-assemble wireless Lectern Amplifier with built in 40W amplifier.
    • Contains a built-in speaker system consisting of 3nos. 6.5” (165mm) coated dual cone speakers. Provision given for connecting external speaker, if required.
    • Supplied with a detachable gooseneck condenser microphone and a reading light for the podium top.
    • Contains a built-in VHF wireless diversity receiver. High quality VHF handheld wireless transmitter supplied. (Available in different frequencies).
    • Provision for connecting a wired microphone through a 6.3mm phone jack or a line source through an XLR connector.
    • Handheld wireless transmitter & gooseneck podium microphone have voice priority over all other inputs. This feature can be switched ON or OFF through a slide switch.
    • Built in digital recorder cum MP3 player, which can record on USB pen drives or SD cards.
    • Facility for connecting a stereo auxiliary source through L&R RCA plug. It accepts four different sensitivities of auxiliary signal which are selectable through a slide switch.
    • Seperate output connectors for LINE OUT & REC OUT through mini male XLR & 6.3mm phone socket respectively, allowing the lectern system to be connected to external amplifiers for further amplification, if required.
    • Tonal adjustment can be done through cut-boost type Bass & Treble controls.
    • Rugged & stable floor standing base. Can be fixed to the floor with brackets (provided), if required.
    • Operates on 240V 50Hz mains supply.
    • Some assembly by the customer required.
  • Ahuja SSW-16M 16 Channel Zone Selector


    • Compact and reliable manual zone selector
    • When multiple units of SSW-16M are used, All call activation is possible from any one SSW-16M, by using loop through facility.
    • Built in relay for all call.
    • LED indication of selected zones.


  • Ahuja DMX-22 AC & 12V DC Operation
    • 2 Channel Mixer Preamplifier for Echo, Reverb, Chorus, Effects
    • Digital Signal Processing.
    • Adds colour to vocal & musical instruments.
    • Peak LED for setting optimum distortion free input levels.
    • Echo facility on all inputs through Echo volume, repeat & delay controls.

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