Ahuja PMX-1032FX 48V Phantom Supply on 4 Channels. AC Operation With Digital Effects

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  • Rugged, stable, high quality analog mixers with user-friendly construction & aesthetically designed side panels.
  • PMX-1032FX has 8 MIC/LINE Balanced Mono input channels and 1 STEREO Balanced input channel.
  • MIC/LINE Balanced Mono inputs with enhanced headroom.
  • All MIC inputs are through 3 pin F/XLR connectors and All LINE & STEREO inputs are through 6.3mm stereo phone jack sockets.
  • Four MIC inputs (MIC-1 to MIC-4) are available with 48V phantom supply which can be switched ON/OFF through a common switch.
  • STEREO Balanced input in two selectable sensitivities of -10dBu & +4dBu.
  • Separate EFFECT channel is provided for controlling the built-in digital effect processor through a delay selector switch and delay, repeat and level controls.
  • Each MIC/LINE channel has a GAIN control, 3 band active Equalizer controls, a Pre-fader AUX1 control, a Post-fader
  • AUX2 /EFX control & a PAN control.
  • Each Stereo channel has a GAIN control, 2 band active Equalizer controls, AUX1 Pre fader control, AUX2/EFX Post fader control and a BALANCE control.
  • Channel ON/OFF switch provided on each individual channel. Peak LED for signal clipping indication.
  • High precision 60mm slide fader on each channel.
  • Balanced Left & Right Line outputs through M/XLR connectors as well as 6.3mm stereo phone jack sockets.
  • Easy and accurate monitoring of Left & Right output levels through individual 12 segment LED array.
  • Two AUX SEND outputs with level controls: one each for monitoring and effects processing applications.
  • Two stereo AUX RETURN balanced inputs with level controls.
  • Headphone output with Level Control for output monitoring.
  • Stereo Tape Playback inputs through L&R RCA sockets provided with ON/OFF switch & level control.
  • Stereo Record output through L&R RCA sockets.
  • Operates on 240V 50Hz AC mains.

Ahuja PMX-1032FX

Impedance 2kΩ Balanced/65dB
Impedance/Gain 20kΩ Balanced/45dB
Impedance/Gain (-10dBu Input) 10kΩ Balanced/14dB
Impedance/Gain (+4dBu Input) 10kΩ Balanced/0dB
THD <0.08%
L/R Line Output 25Hz – 20kHz (+0, -1dB)
Bass/Mid/Treble ±12dB at 100Hz/2kHz/10kHz
Clip LED Indication 4 dB prior to true clip
Nominal/Max Level 4dBu/21dBu (1.22V/9V)
Impedance 600Ω
DELAY SYSTEM Digital Signal Processing
DELAY RANGE SETTINGS 1: 60-300ms, 2: 300-500ms, 3: 500-650ms
Mic Input to Line Outputs 78dB
Line Input to Line Outputs 58dB
Stereo Input to Line Outputs 28dB (-10dBu Input), 14dB (+4dBu Input)
AUX Send (Pre) 1.4V/100Ω Unbalanced
AUX Send (Post) 2.7V/100Ω Unbalanced
AUX Return (L&R) 150mV/10kΩ Balanced
Record Output 250mV/600Ω
Playback Input 250mV/1kΩ (variable thru’ GAIN control)
Signal To Noise Ratio >70dB
Power Supply AC: 220-240V, 50Hz
Dimensions W465 × H110 × D435mm
Weight 7.7kg
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