• Ahuja CMA-5400


    50 WATTS Central Mixer Amplifier

    • Highly sensitive 18.5″ (47cm) long gooseneck microphone for comfortable sharing by two delegates.
    • Bright and uniform band LED indicator.
    • Chairman/Delegate Units have attractive and well contoured plastic top for superior appearance.
    • Rugged and compact die cast aluminium base for better stability of Chairman/Delegate Units.
    • Adjustable headphone output available from each Chairman/Delegate Unit.
    • Automatic Mic Off feature in Delegate units which is selectable through a switch in the Central Amplifier.
    • Chairman Unit has Priority Switch.
    • Central Amplifier has a digital recorder for recording the proceedings. Also it can playback the pre-recorded messages.
    • Switchable send/return facility in Central Amplifier.
    • Three Mic inputs and one Aux input for various user applications.
    • 50W PA Amplifier for adequate sound reinforcement.
    • Headphone output provided in Central Amplifier for monitoring purposes.
    • AC Mains &  24V DC operation.
    • Central Amplifier is 19″ rack mountable.
    • Central Amplifier has the facility of feeding two independent groups of Delegate Units as required in large conference setups.
    • Conference System can be installed in a bus bar arrangement by using Junction Boxes CB-45.

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