Ahuja AWM-495V2 Dual Hand wireless Microphone | Ahuja AWM-495V2 Price in Bangladesh

৳ 12,500

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  • Dual Hand Microphone
  • Connectivity: wireless
  • Long-lasting product
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The AWM-495V2 is designed for various applications, such as public address (PA) systems, live performances, conferences, and other events where wireless microphones are required. The key features of this system typically include:

  1. Dual Handheld Microphones: The system comes with two handheld wireless microphones, allowing two performers or speakers to use them simultaneously.
  2. Wireless Technology: It operates on wireless technology, typically using UHF (Ultra High Frequency) frequencies, which offer better signal strength and less interference compared to lower frequency bands.
  3. Receiver: The package includes a wireless receiver that connects to the sound system or mixer. The receiver receives signals from the wireless microphones and converts them into audio output.
  4. Range: The wireless range can vary depending on the model, but it usually covers a reasonable distance to provide flexibility to the users.
  5. Antennas: The receiver is equipped with antennas to improve the reception and ensure a stable connection with the wireless microphones.
  6. Audio Outputs: The receiver usually offers different types of audio outputs, such as XLR and 1/4″ (6.35mm) jack, to connect to various audio devices.
  7. Power Supply: Both the microphones and the receiver are powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries. The exact battery type and runtime may vary.
  8. Controls: The receiver typically features controls for adjusting the volume, selecting channels, and other settings to optimize the audio performance.

Ahuja AWM-495V2

Ahuja AWM-495V2 Dual Hand wireless Microphone

Ahuja AWM-495V2 Price in Bangladesh

Price: ৳ 12,500
Brand: Ahuja
Model: AWM-495V2
Item: Ahuja Wireless Microphone
Contact No: 01785-777722
Hotline: 01789-636363
Warranty: One Year

# Ahuja AWM-495V2 Price in Bangladesh

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