• Ahuja BSX-602DP 50 WATTS PA Active Speaker

    • BSX-602DP features a built-in rechargable 7.2Ah battery and a suitable, well designed circuit for charging the battery from AC mains. Low Battery LED indication is provided, along with a circuit to prevent deep discharge of the battery. The built-in battery makes the BSX-602DP Portable PA System truly versatile, allowing it to be carried and operated anywhere. It is ideal for outdoor meetings, coaching classes, lecture halls, presentations, exhibitions, field publicity etc.
    • 50W Portable Public Address System.
    • Uses Class D technology.
    • Lower current consumption in Class D ensures longer battery backup.
    • For using wireless microphone systems, 12V DC output is available for connecting a wireless receiver.
    • 203mm (8”/8W) dual core full range speaker.
    • Elegant and stylish looking moulded cabinet.
    • Built-in MP3 player with USB, SD/MMC card reader, bluetooth facility & remote control.

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