• Ahuja SUB-300A 300 WATTS PA Active Subwoofer

    • SUB-300A is a powered sub-woofer designed for excellenct low frequency reproduction in music programmes and other PA applications.
    • Fitted with a heavy duty 12″ speaker in a painted plywood cabinet, with black metal grille protection.
    • Built-in 300W RMS amplifier, the SUB-300A also has built in active crossover with 100Hz high pass filter. No external crossover is required. The SUB-300A can be driven by any standard mixer.
    • Link/Loopthrough Output is provided to connect an additional SUB-300A.
    • Built in Clip Limiter, to guard against accidental overloading of the input.
    • Volume Control, Ground Lift Switch and Phase Reversal Switch provided.
    • High Pass output which can be used to drive the top speaker without any external Crossover.

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