• SCM-30T 20W/16Ω 20W/100V PA Column Speakers

    ♦ 20W/100V
    ♦ PA Column Speakers
    ♦ For Indoor & Outdoor applications such as in Halls, Auditoria, Airport Lounges
    ♦ Weather Resistant — For Use Under Roof Eaves
    ♦ Foam Layer To Protect Speakers From Dust
    ♦ Array of Speakers Radiate Forward Sound Beam For Wider Audience Coverage
    ♦ Mounting Clamps & Hardware Supplied
    ♦ Column Speakers in Metal Cabinet in Silver-Ash Paint Finish
    ♦ Speaker Connections Through Terminal Strip Rear
    ♦ Available in 100V Line Matching Transformer Version & Low Impedance Version
    ♦ 7.0Kg
    ♦ 12 Months Warranty

    ৳ 7,000

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