Are you wanted to know about the sound system for the mosque in Bangladesh? You are coming to the right place. Today I discuss here the sound system of for mosque. If you are living in Dhaka city in Bangladesh, then you may know that Dhaka is called the mosque city. There are lots of mosques you can find in Dhaka city. So, in this content, I will show you which is the sound system? And where you find the best sound system. So, read this content attentively and find the answer to your questions.

sound system for mosque in bangladesh

What is the sound system?

A sound system is an electric audio signal which scatters the sound of any of the places of the area. Generally, it produces a microphone, speaker, and some other electric sound system. It is not only useable for the mosque, but also it is so important for the school, college, and any conference room. So, I hope that you can find the answer to your questions and also aware of the sound system

What is the sound system for the mosque in Bangladesh?

It is easy to answer. In mosque per day five times, the Muslims announce Azans. Azans then need a good sound system so that all of the people of the mosque area hear the Azans and come to the mosque. There are other things which sound system work on the mosque. If any people death, then the mosque announces his/her name in the mosque. I hope that you know about the mosque in Bangladesh. Any of the people need to know how to work a sound system of the mosque?

Which sound system good for the mosque?

It isn’t very easy to say which product or sound system is good for the mosque. There are so many watts of sound system has in the world. All are good enough for the mosque. But you can try 500 to 2500 watts of the sound system of the mosque. You have to use a strong microphone of the mosque. So, I think now it is clear from you that which sound system is good for the mosque. If you think you need more information, then you can also read the content below.

Advantage of sound system for the mosque

You can find so many advantages from the mosque sound system. For five-time Azans, you can hear from the sound system, which is so important for Muslims. If someone is lost, then you can also announce from the mosque sound system. There are so many facilities you can find. If many people gather for Namaz, then the sound system also very much need. I hope that you can understand the advantage of a mosque sound system.

There are lots of advantages you can find from a sound system. But it has some disadvantages too. But it is too little.

The disadvantage of a sound system for the mosque

The sound system bases on electricity. If the electricity is gone, then the sound system is not working, and it is a really great problem for any mosque. People do not hear of Azan or any sound system. But the good news is that so many sound systems work with a battery. So, it is not a major problem, but you may think it the sound system disadvantage. So, I hope that now it clears from you that about the mosque sound system disadvantage.

Best sound system for the mosque

So many brands of sound systems for the mosque in the market. But all of the sound systems are not good enough. If you want to know about some best brands of the sound system, then read the text below, and when you think you buy any of the products, then you can choose these brands of products.


It is one of the best brands in the world and the best sound system for the mosque. TOA provide their service in worldwide. The company provides its products in Bangladesh. TOA is a reputation brand because the users use their products without any problem.


It is an Indian company and provides middle or high range price products. They provide their service for around seven decades. I hope that if you want to choose a good sound system for the mosque, then you can try this brand of product. So, I hope that now it clear from you that which brands are the best for the mosque.


However, I hope that it is clear from the above discussion about the sound system for the mosque in Bangladesh. I tried my best to provide you all of the information about the matter. Whatever, if you need any suggestions about this matter or wanted to know more, then you can contact me. If I find any of the questions from you, then I will try my best to solve all of the question’s answers.

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