Ahuja PMX-1032DFX 48V Phantom Supply on 4 Channels With Built-in MP3 Player AC Operation with Digital Effects

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  • 8 x Balanced Mono Inputs. 1 x Balanced Stereo Input. XLR sockets for all Mic Inputs. Digital Effects with Delay, Repeat and Level controls. Built-in MP3 player with USB, SD/MMC Card reader and Bluetooth playback facility. Phantom Supply available on 4 channels.
  • Ahuja introduces a high performance Professional PA Mixer PMX-1032DFX, which has 8 MIC/LINE input channels, 1 Stereo input channel and built in MP3 player. It is designed for exceptional sound quality & superior reliability in both monitoring and live sound applications
  • Rugged, reliable, high quality analog mixer with user-friendly construction & aesthetically designed side panels.
  • Eight MIC/LINE Balanced Mono inputs with enhanced headroom.
  • One STEREO Balanced input in two selectable sensitivities of -10dBu & +4dBu.
  • Built-in MP3 player with USB, SD/MMC card reader and Bluetooth.
  • Seperate EFFECT channel is provided for controlling the built-in digital effect processor through delay, repeat and level controls.
  • All MIC inputs are through 3 pin F/XLR connectors.
  • All LINE & STEREO inputs are through 6.3mm stereo phone jack sockets.
  • Four MIC inputs (MIC-1 to MIC-4) are available with 48V phantom supply which can be switched ON/OFF through a common switch.
  • Each MIC/LINE channel has a GAIN control, 3 band active Equalizer controls, a Pre-fader AUX1 control, a Post-fader AUX2 /EFX control & a PAN control.
  • The STEREO channel has a GAIN control, 2 band active Equalizer controls, AUX1 Pre fader control, AUX2/EFX Post fader control and a BALANCE control.
  • Channel ON/OFF switch provided on each individual channel.
  • Peak LED for signal clipping indication.
  • High precision 60mm slide fader on each channel.
  • Balanced Left & Right Line outputs through M/XLR connectors as well as 6.3mm stereo phone jack sockets.
  • Easy and accurate monitoring of Left & Right output levels through individual 12 segment LED array.
  • Two AUX SEND outputs with level controls: one each for monitoring and effects processing applications.
  • Two stereo AUX RETURN balanced inputs with level controls.
  • Headphone output with Level Control for output monitoring.
  • Stereo Tape Playback inputs through L&R RCA sockets provided with ON/OFF switch & level control.
  • Stereo Record output through L&R RCA sockets.
  • Operates on 240V 50Hz AC mains.

Ahuja PMX-1032DFX

Impedance/Gain 2kΩ Balanced/65dB
Impedance/Gain 20kΩ Balanced/45dB
Impedance/Gain (-10dBu Input) 10kΩ Balanced/14dB
Impedance/Gain (+4dBu Input) 10kΩ Balanced/0dB
THD <0.08%
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 25Hz – 20kHz (+0, -1dB)
Bass/Mid/Treble ±12dB at 100Hz/2kHz/10kHz
CLIP LED INDICATION 4 dB prior to true clip
Nominal/Max Level 4dBu/21dBu (1.22V/9V)
DELAY SYSTEM Digital Signal Processing
DELAY RANGE SETTINGS 1: 60-300ms, 2: 300-500ms, 3: 500-650ms Variable from 20 to 300ms
DIGITAL PLAYER MP3 Player with USB, SD and MMC Card Reader
Mic Input to Line Outputs 78dB
Line Input to Line Outputs 58dB
Stereo Input to Line Outputs 28dB (-10dBu Input) 14dB (+4dBu Input)
AUX Send (Pre) 1.4V/100Ω Unbalanced
AUX Send (Post) 2.7V/100Ω Unbalanced
AUX Return (L&R) 150mV/10kΩ Balanced
Record Output (L&R) 250mV/600Ω
Playback Input (L&R) 250mV/1kΩ (variable through GAIN control)
POWER SUPPLY AC: 220-240V, 50Hz
DIMENSIONS W465 × H110 × D435 mm
WEIGHT 7.70kg

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