Ahuja L18-SW1300V 1300 WATTS Professional PA Speaker

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  • Introducing an 18” extended low frequency speaker with matchless power and exquisite design.
  • Delivers deep, powerful bass in compact bass reflex as well as horn loaded sub-woofer design.
  • L18-SW1300V has 4Ω impedance.
  • Assembled in a strong and well vented octagonal shaped aluminium die-cast frame.
  • Aluminium demodulating ring fitted for enhanced heat dissipation.
  • Heavy duty 5” copper voice coil wound inside/outside on fibreglass former for withstanding high temperatures.
  • Triple-rolled cloth surround with deep corrugations and double spider design to give better control of cone excursion.
  • Special double treated cone for water splash resistance
  • Ideal for usage in a wide variety of professional sub-woofer applications.

Ahuja L18-SW1300V

Power Rating 1300W RMS/2600W Programme
Nominal Diameter 457mm (18”)
Nominal Impedance 4Ω
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 97dB
Magnet Weight 5.65kg
Resonant Frequency (Fs) 37Hz
DC resistance (Re) 3.6Ω
Electromagnetic Q (Qes) 0.27
Mechanical Q (Qms) 4.33
Total Q (Qts) 0.25
Compliance Equivalent Volume (VAS) 186 Litr
Surface Area of Cone (Sd) 1257cm2
Reference Efficiency (ηo) 3.5%
Voice Coil 5.0”
Overhang (Xmax) 8.0 mm
Moving Mass (Mms) 212gm
BL Product (BL) 25.8TM
Coil Inductance (Le) 1.3mH
Overall Diameter 475 ×455 mm
Depth 202 mm
Baffle Hole Diameter 422 mm
Bolt Mount Diameter (PCD) 443 mm (8 Bolts)
Weight 18.80kg
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