Are you looking for the best pa system speaker or wanted to know the price of it? Then you are coming to the right place. The cost varies from brand to brand and product to product. So, before you know the PA system speaker price, you must know some essential things. Today I can discuss here the pa system speaker price in Bangladesh. I hope that this content undoubtedly helpful for you, and you can know so many important things about the pa system speaker.

What is the PA system speaker?


ahuja PA system speaker


The PA full meanings Public Address system. The PA of an electric device such as a microphone, loudspeaker, speaker, and all related equipment. It can increase the human voice and so many voices or sounds. You can see so many pa speakers in the school, college, university, and some other place. So, I hope that it is clear from you and you can understand what is  the pa system is. But you may also know some other important factors for proper information.

Some PA system company in Bangladesh

There are so many companies you can find in the market of Bangladesh which provide a sound PA system. But there are so many companies product wrong feature products and wanted to high price, which is terrible for the users. This why I find out two PA system provider companies. I hope that if you purchase any of the products from them, then you never think your money is wasted. So, let’s know about the company and its PA system speaker product.

Ahuja 500 watt speaker price

Let’s know about some information about Ahuja. Ahuja is an Indian product company that provides its service worldwide. You can also get so many functions in Bangladesh. Ahuja provides their service last seven decades with honestly. So, I hope that it is one of the best brands which is helpful for you. I tried so many products such as the speaker, loudspeaker, microphone, and so many things, and I did not find any significant problem; this why I choose their product for you.

Ahuja provides so many models of speakers, and their maximum product rate divided into watts. So, if you want to high power watts product, then you need to pay some extra money. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you. But if you want to know the price, then it isn’t very easy to say because the various model they have and their price is multiple. But you can get 35000 tk to 42000 tk , which is also very high and also very cheap. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you.


  • Provide middle-range price
  • Available product
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortably use
  • Useable any of the sites


  • Make noise pollution

Toa Speaker Price in Bangladesh

This is another top ten brand, and you can choose their product worldwide. They also offer so many product models of electricity-related. I also tried so many products, and I much enjoy their product. You can get from this company loudspeaker, microphone, and so many things. But if you want to choose a speaker from this company, then you can choose without any hesitation. I did not find any problem I hope that you also can not find any issue from this product.

If you asked me the specific price of the PA system of TOA, then I do not feel able to tell you because I do not know your speaker model. The company offers so many product models, and the price is different. But I can give you an idea about the price range you can choose any of the products between 2000 tk to 18700 tk, which is also affordable and workable. I hope that you can understand this company’s price range. So, if you think you need a specific price, then you can contact us with the model number of the product.


  • Provide long time service
  • Provide affordable product
  • Do not use the harmful thing
  • User-friendly product provides
  • Use advanced technology


  • Somewhat expensive


However, I tried my best to provide you all of the information about the Toa Speaker Price in Bangladesh. I hope that the information helpful to you. These two company is the top-rated and leading company in Bangladesh. So many people use this company product without any problem. I also tried both the company product. So, if you want to choose this company product, then you can try their product without any hesitation.

Finally, I am happy to provide you all of the information about the company and the product range. So, if you think you need any help or suggestion, then you can contact us. If we find any questions or problem from you, then our team solve all of the questions answer. So, why are you think more if you need any help, please contact us soon?

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