Best Conference System in Bangladesh

Best Conference System in Bangladesh | Best Audio Conference System

Best Conference System in Bangladesh:

বাংলাদেশের বিভিন্ন সংস্থার মধ্যে আমরা এইচডি অডিও কনফারেন্স সিস্টেমের অন্যতম সরবরাহকারী।

ModelsBest Audio Conference System SpecificationsPrice (BDT)
CMA-5400 Central Mixer AmplifierAhuja CMA5000 is One of the Leading Highly Conference System. Sensitive long gooseneck microphone for comfortable sharing by two delegates. It is Bright and uniform band LED indicator. Chairman or Delegate Units have attractive and well contoured plastic top for superior appearance. Rugged and compact die cast aluminum base for better stability of Chairman or Delegate Units. Adjustable headphone output available from each Chairman or Delegate Unit. Automatic Mic Off feature in Delegate units which is selectable through a switch in the Central Amplifier. Chairman Unit has Priority Switch.                             42,000.00
CMC-5100 Chairman UnitBrand: Ahuja Model No: CMC-5100 Speaker: Max Input 300mW Dimensions: W118 x H70 x D160 mm Accessories: Foam Windshield, 2.5m Interconnecting Cable Output: Line, Headphone                           14,500.00
CMD-5200 Delegate UnitAhuja CMD-5200 unit is provided with a long gooseneck condenser microphone which is highly sensitive and unidirectional. This microphone is provided with a diffused LED housing to provide positive visual identification of the unit in operation. The built-in speaker in each unit provides clear and crisp sound reinforcement. The output level of the speaker can be adjusted through a recessed volume control in the unit. Each unit has a headphone output, TALK switch and a TALK LED. The MIC LEVEL LED in the delegate unit flickers to indicate microphone input signal level.                           13,500.00
HT-3000 Central AmplifierHtdz HT-3000 conference system is a High-Quality central amplifier, also built-in monitor with loudspeaker, its electric capacity conference microphone also, 42 ± 2dB sensitivity, 40-16000Hz frequency response, up to 20-120 cm sound receiving distance, red indicator light.                           33,500.00
HT-350C Chairman UnitThis HTDZ HT-350 Chairman Unit has Frequency Response: 40-16000Hz and Sensitivity: -42±2dB. Also, Reference sound and receiving distance: 20-120cm. With Built-in monitor loudspeaker (1w) for volume regulating. Chairman unit could control the whole process of the conference. It also has Red indicator light on the MIC. Electric capacity type microphone, equipped with windshield cover, extension pipe optional. The chairman unit in the systems is unrestricted, can join with any position in the circuit.                             7,500.00
HT-350D Delegate UnitThe HT-350D Delegate Unit has Frequency response: 40-16000Hz. Sensitivity: -42±2dB. Reference: sound –receiving distance: 20-120cm. Built-in monitor loudspeaker (1w) for volume regulating. Red indicator light on the MIC.Electric capacity type microphone, equipped with windshield cover, extension pipe optional.                             6,500.00
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